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Welcome to the JCE Chemical Education Xchange (ChemEd X)

Deanna Cullen's picture
Mon, 04/16/2012 - 19:55 -- Deanna Cullen

Welcome to the JCE Chemical Education Xchange (ChemEd X)! Our purpose is to deliver accessible, quality content to teachers and students at the precollege and two-year college level that will enable them to further their learning and career goals.

With ChemEd X, you will have the opportunity to commune with colleagues, share resources and experiences, and, of course, access content for learning, including activities that can be implemented in the classroom, videos that illustrate concepts and inspire critical thinking, and assessment resources especially for teachers. We even have more light-hearted forums—including a “Picks” section and a place to blog—that allow subscribers to let us know what they’re reading and what’s on their minds.

Although ChemEd X derives from the Journal of Chemical Education, we are a separate entity. Many of the resources you will discover here—including some software collections and videos—come from the online presence of the journal before it partnered with American Chemical Society Publications in 2010. More recent content focuses on topical issues, trends in the field, and current approaches to chemistry education.

We look forward to having you as part of our community!