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Chemical Misconceptions - Prevention, Diagnosis, and Cure (2 Volumes)

Sun, 09/01/2002 - 01:00 -- Hal Harris

I usually avoid writing in this space about materials that one might use directly in the classroom, since I am trying encourage teachers to expand their scope. However, this two -volume set recently published by the Royal Society of Chemistry is enough to make me change the rules.

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A Friend of the Earth

Thu, 11/02/2000 - 01:00 -- Hal Harris

"A Friend of the Earth" is a novel that alternates in time between the near-present and about twenty-five years in the future, when the worst nightmares of the environmental movement have come to pass. Global warming has turned Southern California into a terrible place to live; violent storms alternate with 130 degree days.

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Report of the National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century (Glenn Commission Report)

Sun, 10/01/2000 - 01:00 -- Hal Harris

This report is potentially very important. On the other hand, it could have no impact whatsoever. If Washington reads the Commission findings and recommendations, and funds the five billion dollar programs it recommends, science and mathematics education in the United States could get the "shot in the arm" that it so desperately requires. "A Nation at Risk" was published in 1983.

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False Promise

Sat, 09/02/2000 - 02:00 -- Hal Harris

Computers play an increasing role in the life of children (along with everyone else). How much is too much? More and more educators, physicians, and child development professionals are beginning to recognize that time in front of CRT (whether on a computer or a TV) is time that is not spent in interaction with the real world.

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High Stakes are for Tomatoes

Tue, 08/01/2000 - 01:00 -- Hal Harris

We all, and both candidates for President, agree that that our educational systems need to adhere to the highest standards of excellence, that "social promotion" in schools is a bad thing, that students should have to demonstrate basic competences before they receive high school diplomas, and that schools, teachers, and students ought to be rewarded or punished on the basis of judgements render

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Teaching Chemistry Embedded in History: Reflections on C. K. Ingold's Influence as Historian and Educator

Sat, 03/01/1997 - 00:00 -- Hal Harris

The Bulletin for the History of Chemistry is the official publication of the American Chemical Society's Division for the History of Chemistry. The most recent issue is dedicated to the contributions of C. K. Ingold, one of the founders of physical organic chemistry. It records the proceedings of a symposium at the ACS meeting in Chicago in 1993.

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The Myth of Scientific Literacy

Sat, 06/01/1996 - 01:00 -- Hal Harris

If you are among the many high school and college chemistry teachers who have adopted the American Chemical Society's curricula, Chemistry in Context for college students or Chemistry in the Community (ChemCom) in secondary school, you will find that Morris Shamos will challenge the very basis of what you are trying to do, as well as the whole idea of "scientific literacy".

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Rethinking Science as a Career

Sun, 10/01/1995 - 01:00 -- Hal Harris

This book is published and distributed as part of the Research Corporation series "of occasional papers on neglected problems in science education". Should we be encouraging our students to prepare for careers in science? If so, what prospects for employment await them, and how ought we best to prepare them?


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