Uploading content

uploading content

Type your manuscript and save it in Notepad or other text application (You may use Word, but you may notice some issues when copying from Word) and choose a photo or other image that will appear in the teaser for your manuscript.

Choose the ADD content tab in the upper left corner of the screen.

 add content

Choose the type of manuscript you want to post. Each manuscript type that you are allowed to use is defined on this page. For the purpose of this introduction, we will consider the Blog entry. 

Add a title. Under the Body area, choose Full HTML to obtain more options for uploading text and images.

You can cut text from the original application and paste into the body. Alternatively, you can choose the icon at the top that allows for Paste from Word (avoid the "select all" choice when copying and if there are extra spaces left when you paste, delete from the body before saving).

If you have not already added hyperlinks, you can add them by highlighting text and using the link icon. The Add Media option is just to the right of that.

Upload a photo or image that represents your manuscript. Note the minimum and file types. Click Choose File, find your image from your saved images and then hit Upload. You will then add a descriptive name for the image that will represent the image if it does not appear correctly in a reader’s browser.

There are other tagging options listed below that will help when accessing manuscripts using the search filter for the web site. Please take the time to tag appropriately. This helps readers when they are searching for specific topics.

After tagging, you are ready to choose publishing options. Depending upon the privileges you may have been given as an author, the publishing choices will vary. For this reason, some of the following directions may not be possible. If that is the case, you may have to SAVE and then submit a REQUEST TO CONTRIBUTE and an administrator of the site will review your post before publishing. You will be contacted if changes need to be considered.

Please check the boxes for posting to Facebook and Twitter.  If you see a box that identifies the specific account to post to, please choose to post on ChemEd X and then do us a favor by sharing from our account. (By checking the box, the manuscript is automatically posted with an appropriate message. You do not have to add a message, but you may.) Most users won’t use the other tabs here except for the publishing option at the bottom of the box.


You can choose to leave the “published” choice unchecked. This will leave the item “unpublished” and you can come back to it later and publish it. If you are leaving unpublished or editing the manuscript, you should uncheck the “Send subscription notification” choice. (This choice should only be used once per manuscript when it is published.) Choose to “post to front page”, but most items are not marked to “Stick to front page” or listed as “premium content”. You can preview and/or save. It may take a few moments for the manuscript to upload. Do not click the SAVE option multiple times. Sometimes you must wait a minute before getting the “your post has been published” notification.

If you choose to leave the item unpublished, you can find it later by clicking on the “Find Content” choice in the upper left corner.

add content